The power of helping people

///The power of helping people

The power of helping people

Plug The Sun is going to launch fundraising initiatives to develop specific off-grid solar projects to power single households or vital public activities around the world which still have no access to electricity

United Nations data is hard to accept: 1.2 billion people in the world have no access to electricity and every day another 1 billion depend on unreliable power grids. This has a double effect. Firstly, many of the people without access to energy are forced to use generators which use high level pollution fossil fuels. Secondly, this impacts the local economy. Households and small businesses have to pay high fuel bills to run their generators. For instance, data from NOIPolls indicates that Nigerians spend about $17/month on electricity bills, but the unreliable nature of the grid is forcing many Nigerians to use generators with, on average, an additional cost of around $ 48/ month for fuel. Three times the cost of the electricity bill.

That’s why Plug The Sun is planning to launch specific energy charity initiatives on the best fundraising websites, working side by side with humanitarian organisations and anyone wishing to make their own contribution with ideas and financial resources. Our solar solutions are the best way to get economical, reliable and clean energy to households and small businesses, which currently have no access to electricity, at no additional cost. Without electricity it is impossible for rural areas to achieve better living conditions, it is impossible to provide equal learning, health, food and business opportunities. Together we can dream of providing clean solar energy.

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