Plug the Sun’s Heart Stories – Mrs Marina

///Plug the Sun’s Heart Stories – Mrs Marina

Plug the Sun is installing hundrends of Solar Home Systems for rural electrification, part of the PERMER project issued by the Argentinian Government and financed by the World Bank Group.

Approximately 30,000 low-income users are expected to benefit with the implementation of this project for rural electrification.

Here we would like to tell you about some beautiful stories on how Plug the Sun has changed the life of the rural communities in the country, through its Solar Home Systems (SHS).

Marina lives alone in a little house located in the Province of Río Negro, in the department of Piedra del Águila. She is a widow and has 4 sons.

Since ever, Marina has never been supplied with electricity and managed to have lights by using a gas bottle, with considerable risks.

She now can enjoy Plug the Sun’s light in total security.

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