Plug the Sun stories in the Province of San Juan

///Plug the Sun stories in the Province of San Juan

In this period Plug the Sun is installing its Solar Home Systems (SHS) in the Province of San Juan.

The climatic conditions in this area are extremely hot and dry, with rains almost absent throughout the year.

Families in the Department of Jachal

The two families are composed of 12 members and live in neighbouring houses. Both had never access to electricity.

Fathers work in a plantation of pistachios, while sons go to school alternately every week.

Thanks to Plug the Sun’s Solar Home Systems now these Families have light and electricity.

Mothers are very happy because thanks to the light they can see some very dangerous spiders that are found in those areas, while sons can watch TV.

Couple of elder people in the Department “25 de Mayo”

The elder couple was born and raised in this area without electricity and never lived in the city. They have always used candles and kerosene lamps. The man can no longer work because he is disabled (he can barely walk). The wife takes care of him and helps him with daily chores. In addition, she takes care of carrying out the breeding activity of the goats thanks to which they live.
The Plug the Sun kit allowed them to perform everyday tasks more easily, such as going to the bathroom at night.

Solar Home Systems installations in the area of Astica, in the department of Valle Fértil

Plug the Sun installed also 7 Solar Home Systems in the rocky areas of Astica, named Sierras de Elizonzo e Sierras de Riveros. The locations can be reached only with mules or horses, after 7 hours of travel, along a steep road.

The population goes down to the town every two weeks or so to get supplies that they cannot get in the mountains. In summer they often remain isolated for weeks as there are floods caused by heavy rains.


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