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News | Interviews to people from PERMER Project: Mr. Arroyo

Hereinafter we report the interview made to Mr. Arroyo Carlos Enrique, a 60 years old man who lives in the province of Salta.

News | Plug the Sun at the Off-Grid exhibition Solar Show Africa

The Solar Show Africa is the largest solar event in Africa and attracts many visitors and international exhibitors.

News | Plug the Sun’s Heart Stories – Mrs Marina

Marina lives alone in a little house located in the Province of Río Negro.

News | SHS Installations progress for rural electrification in Argentina

In this period Plug the Sun is working in the provinces of Chaco and Neuquen.

Here comes Plug the Sun

Here comes
Plug the Sun

Solar power
for the sustainable development of the world

For everybody, that’s our mission

Plug the Sun is an italian joint venture between two companies highly specialized in solar energy systems. With our solar energy storage systems, equipped with high-performance solar batteries, we believe we can bring electrical power everywhere, without building any infrastructures and avoiding unsustainable costs for governments and consumers. It means bringing solid economic sustainable development which respects the environment for future generations.

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Light spreads everywhere

The sun shines on everyone, all over the world.
Our integrated solar battery system is the easiest way to capture its eternal energy.

ray1000 home solar system

The new way to energy and life. Plug the Sun designs innovative off-grid solutions with households, small businesses, rural villages and single activities in mind. A photovoltaic panel and a solar battery can supply reliable electricity with no environmental impact and without the need for massive infrastructures. Our solar kit is a highly flexible answer to big challenges, such as the electrification of a whole rural village or an answer to everyday needs for a single household or a small micro-company/business. Plug the Sun also offers other off-grid solutions, such as the Raywater solar water pump or Rayvill, a living solution with full energy independence able to accommodate small public or private activities (for instance, single school classrooms, medical offices, Internet points, street restaurants or bars).


RAYGRID, solar mini grid power for rural electrification

Off grid solar systems are one of the keys to achieve universal access to electricity. One of the most efficient solutions is a solar mini grid powered by a local central photovoltaic system  in isolated areas which are too far from traditional powerelectrical grids.

RAYHYBRID, union is strength

Millions of diesel and gasoline generators are used worldwide to provide electricity where there is no grid or where the existing grid is unreliable. RAYHYBRID is a off grid solar system that combines a photovoltaic plant with existing power source, such as traditional diesel generators, and is designed to guarantee stability of the power supply.

RAYWATER, when the sun brings water

Plug the Sun has developed an electric water pump powered by solar energy, which means it is fully off grid solar systems. For some areas in the world it is vital to pump water from deep and safer wells but these cannot work without electrical systems. Our water pumps don’t need any electrical grid and can easily be used anywhere.

RAYVILL, the sun in a room

RAYVILL mobile Solar Powered units

This is a ground-breaking mobile solar-powered unit created to promote entrepreneurship and services. A living space with full energy independence, able to accommodate small public or private activities (for instance single school classrooms, medical offices, Internet points, street restaurants or bars).

Solar energy charity

Sun can be the light for everybody. We promote special crowdfunding projects to bring sustainable development with off grid solar systems.

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Rural electrification in Argentina

Over the next few months 30,000 people in rural areas of Argentina will become new electricity users, thanks to a government project and Plug The Sun’s solar solutions.

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Rural electrification in Peru

Thanks to a project in collaboration with the government of Peru some remote villages have been powered with our solar home systems kits.

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Rural electrification in Amazonia

We brought our solar home kits to to the rain forest areas of Moyobamba. A new big challenge which we won with a flexible approach and innovative solutions.

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