Plug the Sun brings power to the rural communities of Parque Nacional Lanin

///Plug the Sun brings power to the rural communities of Parque Nacional Lanin

Plug the Sun proceeds with the installation of its Solar Home Systems for the PERMER project in Argentina.

Currently the solar Off Grid Company is installing the solar kits for the rural communities that live inside Parque Nacional Lanin, an  Argentinian national park, located in the Neuquén Province, with forests of diverse tree varieties, many species of which are not found elsewhere in the country.

The park contains Lanín volcano, and Huechulafquen, Aluminé, and Lácar lakes among others.

In this beautiful place live two indigenous communities, known as Raquithué and Rafquenche. These rural communities are the only ones allowed to live in the park and they have never had access to any form of electricity. Their main source of livelihood is cattle breeding.

Some houses can only be reached crossing the lake by boat and during the winter they remain isolated for long periods of time as a consequence of frozen lake.

Plug the Sun’s Solar Home Systems had a real impact on everyday people lives so that the communites can be productive at any time and for as long as they need, allowing them to access the world through the possibility of using a computer and recharging/using many devices, like phones, fans, TV and many others.

Thanks to Plug the Sun’s solar kit now they have electricity to light their house in total safety. They are very happy to no longer have to use the dangerous gas lamps, avoiding the difficulties in finding this source of energy.

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