The Amazonian file

///The Amazonian file

In the rain forest rural areas of Moyobamba FastPower delivered our solar kits. A new big challenge we won with a flexible approach and innovative solutions

It was not easy, not easy at all. We had to bring off grid solar electrification in the indigenous area of Moyobamba, in the Amazon rain forest. A challenge with many new problems to face.

The problems came our even at the start. It was impossibile to reach the villages because they are little far from the roads, our team was forced to strap the kits on their backs and walk carefully with a precious material.

Once arrived we got a confirmation about what we already were afraid of: the forest high density doesn’t leave space enough to get fair solar light with a traditional approach. The team had to think how to bring the solar panels in a elevetad position, getting over the hump of high trees and wide shadowed areas.

But the biggest problem was water. In a rain forest there’s a 100% moisture, sudden rain showers are an everyday issue and water breaks-in everywhere, even inside houses where solar batteries got to be protected.

That’s why our team worked so much before starting the job on ground. The solar batteries and the solar kits needed to be waterproof and ready to work in any climate condition. Our engineers and technicians made changes to original design, making our kits even more reliable in whatever climate conditions.

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