Plug the Sun begins to connect the rural communities of Argentina

///Plug the Sun begins to connect the rural communities of Argentina

In March Plug the Sun kicked off the works for the electrification of rural villages located in remote areas of Argentina, by installing the first solar home system kit in the municipality of Caucet, Province of San Juan.

The installation works are part of the Argentine government’s project called PERMER (Proyecto de Energías Renovables en Mercados Rurales), in which Plug the Sun won a government tender. The contract includes the supply, installation and maintenance of 8,500 off grid kits for SHS (Solar Home Systems), with peak powers ranging between 200 to 300 Wp, to be installed in 12 lots spread across 8 regions of the country (Salta, Tucuman, Corrientes, Rio Negro, San Juan Y Santa Cruz, Neuquén, Chaco).

The users who will benefit from the project are all low income. These users will be provided with a basic electrical service aimed at lighting and communication. In addition to the material benefits, it is expected that there will be a considerable improvement in the quality of life of these populations and a positive impact on education, productivity and social development.

This first installation will serve as model for the others and consists of the following phases:

  • Installation of the PV module and mounting structure

  • Intallation of the solar battery and switchboard

  • Indoor installation of lights, ducts and switches

  • External installation (lights)

The Renewable Energy Project in Rural Markets (PERMER) was established in 2000 with the objective of facilitating access to energy in dispersed rural populations, far from the distribution networks, thus extending the electrical access to the largest part of the Argentinian territory.

With the implementation of this Project it is expected to benefit approximately 30,000 low-income users.

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