Plug the Sun’s Heart Stories – Diaz Family

///Plug the Sun’s Heart Stories – Diaz Family

Plug the Sun proceeds quickly with the installation of its Solar Home Systems in Argentina that are part of the PERMER project issued by the Argentinian Government and financed by the World Bank Group.

The Renewable Energy Project in Rural Markets (PERMER) was established in 2000 with the objective of facilitating access to energy in dispersed rural populations, far from the distribution networks, thus extending the electrical access to the largest part of the Argentinian territory.

Approximately 30,000 low-income users are expected to benefit with the implementation of this Project.

Here we would like to tell you about some beautiful stories on how Plug the Sun has changed the life of the rural communities in the country.

The Diaz Family

The Diaz Family, composed of 4 members, Rosario (father) 34 years old, Belen (mother) 32 years old and their children Jesus 13 years old, Alexis 10 years old, live in the Province of Chubut, about 20 km away from the city of Sarmiento, in a little house made with cane, straw and plastic.

The children attend a shelter school where they go every other week, due to the distance.

Since ever, this family has never been supplied with electricity and managed to have lights by using oil candles or small flashlights.

Plug the Sun’s Solar Home System made a big change to the family. Now they can turn on the lights inside the house by just pressing a key; children can now watch TV and DVDs easily, without walking far away from their home, as they used to do.

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