Interviews to people from PERMER Project: Mr. Arroyo

///Interviews to people from PERMER Project: Mr. Arroyo

Plug the Sun’s Solar Home Systems (SHS) are helping isolated households in Argentina to improve their quality of life, allowing lightning and thanks to the possibility to connect electrical appliances to the solar kit.

These installations are part of the PERMER project that has been issued by the Argentinian Government for the rural electrification of approximately 30,000 low-income users.

Plug the Sun’s Team interviewed some people who received the solar kit for rural electrification and asked them how it has changed their quality of life.

The most significant advantage for all the people interviewed, is the possibility to have a reliable source of illumination, while before they used kerosene or gas lamps that are quite dangerous and not as powerful  as LED lights. Now, thanks to Plug the Sun’s Solar Home System (SHS) for rural electrification, these people can have dinner together and can walk during the night without the fear of crushing dangerous insects or snakes.

Older people can go to the bathroom at night without any danger of falling.

Watching TV, reading a book and charging a phone is now easy also for these people, that have been always isolated from the electrical grid, and now, thanks to Plug the Sun’s solar home systems, can live better and can be connected to the world.

Hereinafter we report the interview made to Mr. Arroyo Carlos Enrique, a 60 years old man who lives in the province of Salta.

Mr. Arroyo has been living in the same place from 30 years, He is currently retired, although he continues to work in the fields by planting corn and pumpkin, raising pigs and goats.

Before the installation of Plug the Sun’s Solar Home Systems (SHS), he used kerosene lamps and torches to light up at night. During the delivery of Plug the Sun’s solar kit, Mr. Arroyo, between a laugh and some tears, confessed to us: “Thank you for making my dream come true, I have never thought to have the opportunity to have electric light in my house

He also said that Plug the Sun’s solar kit is “a great help during the night” and now he can do many different things such as reading, or just sitting and drinking ‘Mate’ contemplating the stars, that he could have necer done without the solar kit.

He can also easily identify dangerous insects and vipers that appear during the night and that in various occasions have bitten him.

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